Mob of White neighbors in Florida attack Black teen on camera

A group of White people were caught on camera attacking a Black teen in his car in Florida telling him he “don’t belong” in their neighborhood.

The incident reportedly happened on Wednesday in Sanford. The 16-year-old boy (and later his father) recorded the incident and posted it on social media.

One of the attackers threw a large rock that looked like a chunk of boulder into the boy’s car, smashing the back window while he was still inside. The neighbors stopped the boy while he was driving down the street by blocking it, then physically forced him out of the vehicle. At least one person could be seen on video standing on the sidewalk with a gun in hand.

The group of mostly adults confronted the boy and tried to intimidate him. The boy’s father arrived at the scene later to talk with police as the neighbors waved while he was still recording.

Two male suspects were arrested later and charged with multiple felonies. They posted bond and were released.

More about this Jim Crow-era incident can be found here.

Opinion: The suspects should have been arrested on the spot. This incident had nothing to do with the rate of speed the boy was driving, it was simply where he was driving. These racists today feel empowered to take matters into their own hands because there are so many examples of the law taking a lax approach with punishment. While at least two people were arrested, there should have been more. But this is also Florida, land of Stand Your Ground laws. And the city is also where Trayvon Martin lived when he was killed. The D.A. will probably reduce the charges against the suspects, as seen in another racially-charged incident last month in Florida. The entire state needs criminal justice reform from top to bottom. But in the land of DeSantis where state Supreme Court nominees who support his agenda get appointed, this is highly unlikely until voters push corrupt right wingers out.

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