Two Black Americans survive deadly kidnapping in Mexico

(Credit: Screenshot - YouTube/ABC News)
(Credit: Screenshot – YouTube/ABC News)

Two people were found alive after they were reportedly the victims of a violent kidnapping in Mexico that left two more dead, according to U.S. and Mexico authorities.

One of the survivors was wounded and the other suffered minor injuries. The two survivors, a man and woman, were discovered on Tuesday and transported to a hospital near the U.S.-Mexico border near Brownsville, Texas, according to an ABC News report.

The remains of the two victims who died were in the process of being repatriated on Tuesday.

According to ABC News, the two surviving victims were identified as Latavia “Tay” McGee and Eric James Williams.

Reportedly, all of the victims in the kidnapping were Black. The deadly kidnappings have raised questions about the safety of Black Americans traveling to Mexico.

A video purported to show the violent kidnapping caught on camera showed a struggle between several people next to a white van.

According to authorities, so far no arrests have been made, but a 24-year-old Mexico-national has reportedly been detained in connection with the kidnapping plot.

The kidnappings occurred less than a week after U.S. officials issued a travel alert to areas of Mexico ahead of Spring Break.

More about the kidnapping and investigation can be found here.

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