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Protests in Nigeria after female student burned, beaten to death for “blasphemy”

Protests were underway in northern Nigeria on Saturday after a woman was burned and beaten to death by fellow students who accused her of “blasphemy.”

The violent killing reportedly happened on Thursday at Shehu Shegari school in the city of Sokoto. Two arrests have been made in connection to the brutal murder.

The woman was stoned and beaten by a mob of students for allegedly making statements about the Prophet Muhammad that offended fellow students. Video circulated on social media of students celebrating around the victim as her body was on fire.

Religious tensions among Muslims and Christians in Nigeria, particularly northern states, are not uncommon. Officials said “blasphemy” killings and persecutions have been on the rise.

Northern states in Nigeria use secular and Sharia laws where courts still issue death sentences for blasphemy. The laws usually only apply to Muslims in the predominantly Muslim region.

“Fake news” and disinformation have spread on social media since the woman was killed, amplifying tensions among both religious groups who have accused the other side of extremism.

The school, which was also set on fire during the incident, remains closed.