Philadelphia cop fired after allegedly using n-word over radio call

Philadelphia Police Department vehicle. "PPD T12" by PFDChasePictures is licensed under CC BY 2.0.
Philadelphia Police Department vehicle. “PPD T12” by PFDChasePictures is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

A veteran officer the Philadelphia Police Department has reportedly been terminated after was allegedly heard saying the n-word during a radio call last month. 

According to The Inquirer, Lt. Anthony McFadden, who served for 32 Philadelphia Police Department, was given a termination notice from the Police Commissioner on July 5 following an investigation by the Internal Affairs Unit.

In an 18-second audio clip, McFadden can allegedly be heard using the n-word during an attempt to locate a person or address. The audio clip of the call was obtained by The Inquirer, McFadden said “F— [n-words],” reported The Inquirer.

McFadden was previously assigned to the Special Victims Unit.

More about the allegations and the officer’s termination can be found here.

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