White man caught on camera assaulting Black woman at Florida gas station

A Black woman was brutally assaulted by a White man at a gas station in Jacksonville, Florida in a seemingly unprovoked attack earlier this week.

Video showed the attack in front of the counter inside the gas station convenience store. The victim reportedly heard the suspect arguing with someone at the gas station using racist language and said something to the suspect who at some point told her to “go back to where you came from” before punching the woman multiple times.

People were inside the convenience store but no one intervened in the attack.

The suspect left the gas station and was reportedly arrested about five days later. He is facing misdemeanor assault charges.

The suspect also happens to be a convicted sex offender.

More about the vicious, racist attack can be found here.

Opinion: Misdemeanor charges for an egregious racist attack is unacceptable. The prosecutor should be pursuing felony hate crime charges. But it is Florida. Sadly, it may take some pressure for the D.A.’s office to take this attack seriously and not try to minimize an obvious hate crime.

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