Monday, February 6“Racism never sleeps.”

Vermont man charged with hate crime against Black woman in road rage incident

A White man in Vermont is facing federal hate crime charges after he allegedly used his truck to try to hit a Black woman driving down the same road.

A grand jury indicted the 52-year-old man after the racially-motivated incident which happened in June of last year. The man is accused of yelling racially-abusive language at the woman and trying to collide with her car.

The man reportedly followed the victim who later tried to take a picture of the suspect’s truck. At that point he got out of the vehicle and tried to grab the woman’s phone. Authorities said the man continued to follow and accost the woman.

The indictment was dated June 2. The man pleaded not guilty on Thursday.

Local authorities said the man has been arrested twice and has had multiple interactions with the police.

More about the road-rage hate crime can be found here.

Opinion: Every week there is at least one story in the U.S. about a Black woman being targeted by a White man in a racially-motivated attack. The cowardice is astounding. Prosecutors need to pursue justice for the victim to the fullest extent, as well as the judge responsible for sentencing. There have been too many cases of both parties reducing charges and handing down minimal sentences. In fact, this case is an example of it. “Justice for all.” Let’s not forget that.