Student charged after nooses found on middle school campus in Illinois

A student has been charged with disorderly conduct after three nooses were found in the recess area of a middle school in Cook County, Illinois.

The nooses were discovered in May after students staged an in-school protest over staffing changes.

Authorities identified the suspect after reviewing the school’s surveillance footage and cellphone video.

It is unclear if the boy was arrested or when he was taken into custody. Authorities announced yesterday he would not be charged with a hate crime.

Authorities did not charge the boy with a hate crime because it did not meet the legal statutes in Illinois.

More about the charges can be found here.

Opinion: Hate crime laws need to be refined because there are too many cracks that allow perpetrators to escape punishment. The suspect is a boy, which is shameful, particularly on the part of the parents. He was aware enough about what nooses are and how they are perceived to justify a hate crime, but the parents need to take more responsibility for the household that contributed to his behavior. This happened at a middle school. America is breeding another generation of hate and it’s younger than any person could reasonably imagine.

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