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Real Estate mogul Jude Bernard shares keys to his financial success, overcoming gambling addiction, and more

Jude Bernard
Jude Bernard

Before becoming a New York-based real estate mogul, Jude Bernard’s chosen path was initially working for Verizon as a technician. After graduating from St. John’s University, he had an opportunity to work at Goldman Sachs but turned it down for a better starting salary with Verizon. The position left Bernard stressed out and unfulfilled, but a happenstance decision to supplement his income through real estate became one of the best decisions he made, earning him an income that surpassed his Verizon salary.

But Bernard’s journey wasn’t all rainbows. He was still caught up in a gambling addiction he didn’t kick until 2004, and later had to overcome the hurdles of the 2008 recession.

Now, with his financial struggles and addictions behind him, Bernard is looking forward, helping underprivileged communities empower themselves and create their own path’s to financial freedom through his non-profit organization The Brooklyn Bank. Bernard spoke with BLK News Now! and shared his experience, and lessons learned that ultimately helped him become a successful real estate owner who has managed more than $100 million in assets, and inspire others to pursue their dreams of becoming financially independent.

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