North Carolina sheriff under investigation after his racist rants recorded and exposed

Columbus County Sheriff Jody Greene (Source: Columbus County Sheriff's Office)
Columbus County Sheriff Jody Greene (Source: Columbus County Sheriff’s Office)

A sheriff in North Carolina is reportedly under investigation after racist comments he made about Black officials were recorded by someone in his department.

Racist rants made over the phone by Columbus County Sheriff Jody Greene were recorded by Captain Jason Soles after he had enough of hearing Greene make the remarks, reported WECT.

In a phone call, Greene asked who in the department was in communication with Lewis Hatcher, an African-American former sheriff that Greene had barely defeated in the previous election, and Melvin Campbell, a recently-fired African-American sergeant. Greene said there was a “snitch” in their department leaking information to his political opponent, reported WECT.

“I’m sick of it. I’m sick of these black bastards,” Greene reportedly said on the phone call.

More about the sheriff’s racist comments can be found here.

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