Monday, February 6“Racism never sleeps.”

Liverpool police accused of racism after officers point guns at two innocent young Black men

Police in Liverpool, England are in hot water after two officers were caught on camera pointing guns at two young Black men in a case of “mistaken identity.”

The incident happened after officers received a report about an armed man seen walking on a street on Monday. For some reason, the officers thought the two Black men who were walking together were possibly the suspect they were looking for.

The officers stopped the two men and searched them, pointing guns at the two who were visibly shaken by the incident.

No weapons were found on the two men during the search.

Following the incident, condemnation was swift. The community in Liverpool was outraged and said the incident mirrors American police.

Police officials said the stop was justified and fell in line with their procedures.

A local official accused the police department of being systemically racist.

More about the controversial stop can be found here.

Opinion: There was no justification for this. What description did they match? They were Black and that was enough. If they were looking for one suspect, why hold two people at gunpoint and search them? Stories about racism in the UK are nonstop. The police are known to engage in racist behavior off duty and on duty. It’s unclear what recourse these citizens who were harassed have but the community should band together to ensure appropriate action is taken for the officers’ actions.