Chinese man in Malawi dupes Black children into saying they are “monsters” and their “IQ is low” on video

A Chinese man living in Malawi reportedly decided to use the Black children by having them gleefully chant on video that the children are monsters and have a low IQ, and other disgustingly racist statements in Chinese.

The videos were reportedly sold to Chinese nationals.

The man is also accused of physically abusing children to get them to comply. In some cases he is accused of giving them change to make demeaning statements about themselves.

The man also had assistance in producing some of the videos. He reportedly told a fellow Chinese man who helped him that this was the way Africans should be treated.

Some of the videos came to surface in 2020, but the man recently admitted to taking the videos before backing away from his admission.

More about this “man” and his racist videos can be found here.

Opinion: China has a major problem with racism and there is no real effort to educate or mitigate the racism Chinese citizens engage in. Some regions are worse than others, but the fact that they come to Africa to engage in questionable business practices and exploit natives is sickening. More needs to be done to protect African children who are being used in a campaign to demonize Black people for the benefit and entertainment of people who show who really has a low IQ. Furthermore, BNN can’t advocate Black people traveling to any region of China. Many citizens in areas of China have displayed outright racist and abusive behavior towards Black people, particularly Africans. Some of this came to light during the height of the Covid pandemic, but there are many Blacks who have shared uncomfortable racist experiences when visiting China. Stories about those personal experiences can be found here.

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