Black woman says she and family turned away from church in Arkansas due to race

A Black woman says she and her family were denied entry into a Baptist church she was invited to in Arkansas because of their race.

The incident happened last week. The woman posted a statement recalling the ordeal on FaceBook saying she was stopped by an older White man who asked where they were going when they walked inside. She said church service, but he told her the service hadn’t started even though she observed other people already walking inside.

A White woman then came out and told the woman and her family they have had “coloreds” at their church before. When asked what she meant by “coloreds,” the White woman doubled down on her terminology by saying that she has always referred to Black people as “coloreds.”

The Black woman and her family then left.

After the situation came to light, the pastor of the church said during church service on Sunday that the incident was a miscommunication and that the woman is owned an apology. He also acknowledged there was racial division in the community. He also said the church has had Black members in the past. 

The town where this occurred is named after a member of the Ku Klux Klan. Go figure.

No word yet on if the woman plans to return.

More about the racially-charged incident can be found here.

Opinion: Just another church giving Christianity a bad name. The pastor didn’t deny the allegations. It sounds like he needs to work on his flock, but that is highly unlikely in a town still named after hate mongers and where White people haven’t learned to stop calling Black people “colored.” And on that note, the first man they encountered didn’t mind lying to the woman’s face in church … kind of like the woman who claims she calls Black people “coloreds.” It’s should be no mystery what they really call Black people.   

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