Black employee for New Jersey county alleges racial discrimination, says he cleaned boss’s poop off floor

A Black man employed with a county in New Jersey has filed a lawsuit claiming racial discrimination and alleged he cleaned up his supervisor’s excrement on the floor at least twice while working there.

The man alleged in the lawsuit that his supervisor wore a diaper for medical reasons and his excrement was left on the floor inside the office building at least twice in 2020. A janitor was not available on at least one occasion and the Black employee cleaned up the mess.

The man said he tried to speak up about the situation anonymously. He believes he was retaliated against and overlooked for promotions after the second incident.

He said in the lawsuit that his work environment became hostile and that another supervisor denied him overtime work.

In the lawsuit, the man said he was promoted at least once in 2019 after being employed there for about 5 years but was passed up for further promotions compared to his White colleagues who didn’t work as hard. He also accused one of them of sleeping on the job and collecting overtime.

More about the disturbing allegations can be found here.

Opinion: It’s horrendous to think after that ordeal anyone would have the gall to look past your hard work, especially after going above and beyond your duties by playing the nanny for your boss. Ick!

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