Assistant police chief in Washington receives $1.5 million payout after displaying Nazi insignia

Apparently, it pays to be racist.

An assistant police chief in Washington state will receive a $1.5 million payout after an investigation reportedly found that he posted Nazi insignia on his office door and made jokes about the holocaust.

The discovery of the Nazi symbol came several months after a police officer walking by the office brought it to the police chief’s attention.

The former assistant chief later claimed he didn’t know what the symbol meant. The man was suspended without pay as officials launched as investigation. He was later placed on administrative leave.

Instead of firing the man, who was represented by a police union attorney, he was offered a $1.5 million settlement after asking for $3.1 million. The city apparently decided not to take the case to court.

More about this outrageous story and the former high-ranking officer can be found here.

Opinion: It doesn’t get much more appalling than this. Racists and White supremacists are embedded in every level of law enforcement — it’s a fact journalists have brought to light long before the Trump administration. They rank high and low, but their morality is nothing but the bottom of the barrel. It doesn’t sound like the city cared much about the optics. It also sends a message that others can get a payout if they play the same game. Such a terrible precedent may have been set by this decision, not to mention a disgusting use of public funds.

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