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Texas educators propose removing the word “slavery” from education

In the latest attempts to undermine American history and promote lies, a group of “educators” in Texas proposed the word  “slavery” be replaced in social studies curriculum. A group of nine educators wanted to replace what is known as slavery with the term “involuntary relocation” and submitted the proposal to the state Board of Education. The idea was proposed for second-grade students. Immigrants who came to America from European countries, for example, would be considered people who came via “voluntary relocation.” Texas is one of many states where right-wing lawmakers and educators have tried to remove race-related education from the classroom,  following the recent move to ban “Critical Race Theory” from school education — a college-level course that is not standard in upper educati...
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Fairfax, VA officials to vote on renaming 14 streets with Confederacy ties

The city council in Fairfax, Virginia will vote on a proposal to rename more than a dozen streets that were once tied to slavery and the Confederacy. The city council was scheduled to vote on the agenda item last week but it was postponed due to a council member’s absence. The vote will resume next month. The proposal to rename the streets was introduced to the city council last year. A county supervisor has also announced plans to introduce a bill to change the district name to Franconia. This comes after the a name with Confederate ties was removed from Route 1 in Arlington and Alexandria in 2019. The city council is also reportedly expected to vote next Tuesday on redesigning the city seal which depicts a Confederate soldier. More about the street renaming proposals in Fairfax can...
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California task force releases historic reparations study

A first-of-it’s-kind panel in California tasked with exploring the persistent effects of discrimination and exclusion of African Americans, released a detailed report on the impact of slavery and the disenfranchisement of African Americans. The report details “comprehensive” ways systemic racism has stifled the progress of Blacks, specifically African Americans, and how that can be addressed. The California Reparations Task Force, a commission created through a law signed by California Gov. Gavin Newson in 2020, submitted an interim report to the state legislature on Monday detailing the adverse affects of slavery, racism and discrimination that have negatively impacted African Americans. The commission voted to limit reparations to African Americans — descendants of slaves in the U.S., ...
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NY teacher allegedly told Black 7th graders to pick cotton, wear shackles

A White teacher at a Rochester, New York school is reportedly on leave after he allegedly told Black students to pick cotton during a class lesson on slavery. The allegations were reported by 7th grade students at Rochester’s School of Arts. Students said he also told them to refer to him as “massah.” The teacher was placed on leave after parents complained to the school about what their children reported. In another lesson, the teacher also allegedly had Black students wear shackles in his social studies class. According to New York school enrollment data, half of the students at Rochester’s School of the Arts are Black. School officials said they plan to conduct an investigation. You can find more details on the reprehensible allegations here. QOTD: Where is the a...