Wednesday, November 30“Racism never sleeps.”

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News Briefs

Racist memorabilia store reopens in Georgia

The American insurrectionists’ wet dream has come back to life: a store dedicated to selling racist memorabilia has reopened in Georgia. The controversial store was temporarily closed for several months. The previous owner died and now the new owner has reopened the store to the chagrin of many people in the community. Maybe trying to capitalize on the resurgence of American hate? The store has an array of throwback items. Among them are confederate flags, Jim Crow-era relics and “nig*** repellent.” On display are mannequins with KKK robes and confederate soldiers. One of the most disgusting pieces on display is a Black child’s hair with a sign that says “Nig*** scalp.” The city council has apparently granted the business a new license, clearing way for it to reopen this month. One co...
News Briefs — Africa

Chinese man in Malawi dupes Black children into saying they are “monsters” and their “IQ is low” on video

A Chinese man living in Malawi reportedly decided to use the Black children by having them gleefully chant on video that the children are monsters and have a low IQ, and other disgustingly racist statements in Chinese. The videos were reportedly sold to Chinese nationals. The man is also accused of physically abusing children to get them to comply. In some cases he is accused of giving them change to make demeaning statements about themselves. The man also had assistance in producing some of the videos. He reportedly told a fellow Chinese man who helped him that this was the way Africans should be treated. Some of the videos came to surface in 2020, but the man recently admitted to taking the videos before backing away from his admission. More about this “man” and his racist...
News Briefs

White fire supervisor in Kansas suspended after sharing photo of racist sweater

A White fire supervisor in Witchita, Kansas has been suspended after he reportedly shared a photo of himself wearing a racist sweater via text message. The sweater reportedly showed an image of a naked Black man with his genitals covered by a Christmas gift. The fire supervisor sent the image in a text message via the What’s App social media platform along with a message. Another fire supervisor, who wasn’t identified, reportedly shared a different photo — an image of Black man inserted into a scene from “A Christmas Story.” Both fire supervisors were reportedly medics on the SWAT team. The reprimanded supervisor was initially on paid leave. He was later suspended without pay for three days. The police department has also had its share of controversy. The department was reportedly u...