Sunday, November 27“Racism never sleeps.”

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Left media, political leadership drop ball on Buffalo Massacre

Did you forget just two weeks ago 10 Black people were killed in a racist rampage at a grocery store in America? I didn’t… I cant — but the rest of corporate left media and political leadership pretty much has, as evidenced by coverage. If you suspect a barrage of criticism is coming, you are correct. My opening statements made it predictable, but truth be told the mainstream media’s inaction was predictable, as I alluded to nearly two weeks ago in my column. The narrative two weeks ago was stifling white supremacy, now it’s gun control. Which brings me here. We can say because of Uvalde and the typical vacuum U.S. media operates within  that we shouldn’t expect much coverage, or a new narrative surrounding the Buffalo Massacre, but they have a pretty big vacuum. The most we’ve gotten a...
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Two pioneering Black women in White House press corps honored with lifetime achievement award

A double dose of good news at the end of the week is always welcome; two Black women will be honored tomorrow by the White House Correspondents’ Association for shattering a glass ceiling for women journalists of color. The first ever “Dunnigan-Payne Prize” will be accepted by the families of Alice Dunnigan and Ethel Payne, who were the first two Black women to reach the White House press corps. Dunnigan was the first Black woman to enter the White House press corps. She began writing at 13 and worked as a teacher in Kentucky shortly after high school when schools were still segregated. She received her first writing job at the black-owned Chicago Defender in 1946 after working for the federal government in Washington D.C. It was there she began covering Washington as a correspondent...