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Video: Cyprus man brutally assaults Black woman from Congo holding her baby in racist attack
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Video: Cyprus man brutally assaults Black woman from Congo holding her baby in racist attack

A Greek Cyprus man who was caught on camera viciously assaulting a Congolese woman in a racially-motive attack was reportedly expected to appear in court on Friday. The attack happened on Wednesday in the Larnaca district of Cyprus. The woman, who is reportedly seeking asylum, was holding her 11-month-old baby as the man began attacking the woman, hitting and kicking her as she shielded the baby. The suspect then tried to attack another man reported as her brother who was next to them as the suspect resumes attacking the woman. Λάρνακα, χτες. Χτυπά αμείλικτα μέχρι και μητέρα με βρέφος. Η κουλτούρα του "απέλαση τώρα", "τρώνε τα επιδόματα", "στέλλει μας τους η Τουρκία" και της πίστης σε φυλετική ανωτερότητα. — Christos Hadjioannou (@Chris__Hadji) July...
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UK strikes migration deal with Nigeria; Deportees, including LGBT, arrive in Lagos

At least 30 African migrants arrived in Lagos, Nigeria on Thursday after the United Kingdom came to an agreement with Nigerian officials to take people who were being deported from the region. It was unclear why the African migrants were removed from the United Kingdom but officials reportedly said they broke laws in the U.K. Among the deportees, 22 were Nigerians. The remaining were Ghanaians who would be transported back to their home country. The United Kingdom has come to similar migration agreements with other African nations, including Ghana and Rwanda. Protests were reported outside of a detention center in England for women. Some of those who were deported were mothers and LGBT people, including those who feared returning to their home countries. More about the deportations c...