Wednesday, November 30“Racism never sleeps.”

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Piggybacking on CRT disinformation campaign, Georgia Gov. signs ‘Divisive Concepts’ bill

Unfortunately, students in yet another southern state will turn the page to the next chapter of nonsense in public education following the signing today of new laws that curb race-related education in Georgia. Gov. Bryan Kemp signed the “divisive concepts” bill aimed at shutting education on race in the classroom, and the “Parent’s Bill of Rights.” The legislation restricts schools and teachers from sharing academics that suggest the United States is racist. In other words, lie. “Divisive concepts” comes on the heels of the manufactured controversy about  Critical Race Theory that’s been making its rounds among Republicans who want to appear strong to their base, especially those up for re-election this Fall. CRT, which has long been taught with college curriculum associated with r...