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New research indicates Black women with breast cancer have significantly higher mortality rates than other women

Newly-released research indicates Black women diagnosed with breast cancer have a significantly higher mortality rate than White women, and it’s a trend that has grown since the 1980s. The research was released last week and conducted by American Cancer Society and The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. The research showed that since the 80s, breast cancer screenings and treatments were broadly performed in the U.S., but not equally for Black and White women. Prior to 1980, Black women diagnosed with breast cancer had lower rates of mortality than White women, according to the research. The higher rate of breast cancer mortality in Black women compared to White women has moved in the opposite direction since before 1980. Researchers also discovered that the mo...
News Briefs

Study finds link between Vitamin D deficiency and breast cancer risk among Black and Hispanic women

Have you taken your Vitamin D lately? A new health study shows a link between increased breast cancer risk and Vitamin D deficiency among Black and Hispanic women in the United States. Researchers analyzed blood samples from 290 Black and 125 Hispanic women who were later diagnosed with breast cancer, as well as samples from 1,010 Black and 437 Hispanic women who did not develop breast cancer. The researchers found that during an average follow-up of about 9.2 years, women with sufficient vitamin D levels had a 21% lower breast cancer rate than women with Vitamin D deficiency. Black women with sufficient Vitamin D levels had an 11% lower rate of breast cancer. But the link was strongest with Hispanic women who had a 48% lower rate of breast cancer if they had sufficient Vitamin D lev...