White supremacists crash Juneteenth event in Tennessee

A group of masked White supremacists crashed a peaceful Juneteenth celebration on Saturday holding protest signs and spreading hate.

The “men” stood outside from the city’s second annual Juneteenth event holding signs that read “White Lives Matter” while spreading their “White replacement theory” as attendees looked on.

A group of counter protestors later showed up at the event which turned into a shouting match. Police came to the scene and requested both groups of protestors leave.

No one was arrested and there were no reports  of violence.

Police said they were unaware any groups planned to protest the Juneteenth event.

More about the disruption can be found here.

Opinion: Now that Juneteenth is a national holiday, more of these White supremacy protests should be expected. (Authorities should have anticipated this given all of the White supremacy groups showing up at cultural events this month.) Police presence should have been stronger and the White supremacists should have been asked to leave sooner since they were intruding. And if these White supremacists are so bold, why cover their faces? Be proud… boys.

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