Monday, February 6“Racism never sleeps.”

White “pastor” in South Africa convicted of treason in plot to kill thousands of Black people, overthrow government

A White “pastor” in South Africa was convicted of treason on Monday as part of an insidious plot to overthrow the government and kill scores of Black people by poisoning water supplies.

The so-called “pastor” was arrested in 2019 after South African authorities discovered the plot, which involved multiple cells in his movement throughout the country. The “pastor” was found in possession of illegal firearms and ammunition after he was arrested.

The “pastor” was the leader of a “Christian” organization that not only planned to use the movement to poison Black communities via water reservoirs, the group also considered using biological weapons to kill Black people. This terrorist also recruited people with the intent to carry out violent attacks against Black people.

The leader also tried to recruit former South African military members to join the movement in an effort to “reclaim South Africa for white people.”

The “pastor” was found guilty by Middleburg High Court of high treason, incitement to carry out violent acts and several other charges.

More about this fake pastor who tried to misuse religion to kill scores of Black people can be found here.

Opinion: Mainstream media needs to call this plot what it was: genocide. This also isn’t the first attempt on this scale to target Black people. A similar terrorist group was arrested in 2013 for trying to return South Africa to a White-minority ruled country by killing Black citizens. Unfortunately, these aren’t the first, nor will they be the last attempts to target Blacks in South Africa and beyond. The fact that not everyone involved in the 2019 plot was arrested (yet?) is at least one indication this level of hatred and evil is still breathing. South Africa’s racial divide persists, and it would not be surprising if there were similar plans that extend outside its borders. South African intelligence and police officials deserve credit for taking domestic terrorism seriously and protecting South Africans. When will America catch up?