Monday, February 6“Racism never sleeps.”

White man wearing BLM T-shirt brutally attacked at event for senate candidate in Arizona

A man wearing a T-shirt that said “Black Lives Matter” was brutally assaulted by supporters of a candidate running for senate at an event in Arizona.

The victim, who is a 73-year-old White man, could be seen on cellphone video standing in front of an angry group of people after he walked into the building where the event took place. Several people confronted the man and made demeaning and racially-charged comments before some of them began to punch and hit the man.

The senate candidate — who looks at least 10 years older than his Wiki bio claims — is also accused of being a part of the attack.

It is unclear if anything precipitated the assault before the cellphone video was recorded.

The event was reportedly a meet-and-greet for the extreme right-wing candidate who recently said gun violence in America is because of “Black people,” which BNN reported on earlier this week.

It is not known if the victim plans to press charges for the assault.

More about the vicious attack can be found here.

Opinion: The state of the Republican Party makes it difficult to continue calling these candidates and their supporters far-right conservatives anymore; they’re just Republicans. The candidate at the center of this event has a history of making asinine statements, and his base obviously eats it up to the point they would incite violence. He’s also backed by Trump, so this rhetoric makes sense. But hats off to the man who went to the event. Maybe he was making a statement, but that should not be confused for “looking for trouble” or asking to be assaulted. This event was a thinly-veiled Klan rally. Black America could use more anti-racists who are OK with being loud and standing up to the dangerous ideology right-wing conservatives have been vomiting. Hopefully, he presses charges, and if possible, sues all culpable parties involved.