Thursday, October 6“Racism never sleeps.”

White man receives death penalty after murdering, sexually torturing Black teen daughter in North Carolina

The White father of a Black teenager girl in North Carolina was sentenced to death last week after he murdered and sexually tortured the girl and disposed of her body.

The man reportedly subjected his 15-year-old daughter to physical and psychological sexual abuse for almost an entire day before cutting her throat.

The girl was visiting her father for the weekend in 2019 when the crime happened.

The father turned himself in to authorities after walking into a police station and confessing to the murder. He told police the body was still at the residence where the murder occurred.

More about this despicable crime can be found here.

Opinion: It’s unimaginable what this young woman endured at the hands of the person who is supposed to protect you. Advocating for the death penalty is usually tough, but this case is a definite exception. The jury got the verdict right.

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