Thursday, October 6“Racism never sleeps.”

White man arrested after being caught on camera pushing Black child off bike in Connecticut

A White man was caught on camera pushing a Black child off of his back after confronting him on a sidewalk in a Connecticut town on Monday.

The man, who is 48 years old, is seen screaming at the boy after they reportedly bumped into each other. He is heard on video asking the boy where he was raised and later telling him to “get the fuck out of town” before shoving the 11-year old so hard he fell off the bicycle.

The boy went home and told his mother what happened. She contacted police and showed them video of the violent confrontation.

It is unclear when authorities arrested the man.

The boy suffered scrapes and bruises in the incident.

The boy’s mother reportedly said she believes the incident was a hate crime.

The man was charged with breach of peace, a second-degree offense, risk of injury to a child, and assault, a third-degree offense. He posted bond and was released from custody.

More about the incident with video can be found here.

Opinion: It says a lot about the “men” who  engage in attacks against women and children, especially when there is a racial dynamic. As noted yesterday, BNN posts at least one story a week about White men attacking Black women without provocation other than race. Children are no exception, as evidenced by the mob-like attack on Black teen in Florida for simply driving down the street. The psychological damage done to minors should not be ignored, and factored into the charges against this man. Jim Crow laws may be dead but the mentality still exists. It’s hard not to believe based on the language and context of the conversation that this boy was not attacked because of what he looked like. If this “man” does not receive jail time, the justice department in this Connecticut town is complicit and corrupt.

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