Monday, February 6“Racism never sleeps.”

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News Briefs

Black man injured after 100 White supremacist “cowards” wearing masks march through Boston

About 100 members of a White supremacy group marched through the streets of Boston wearing masks, and injured a Black man they attacked. Police said the Black man injured was knocked to the ground and attacked by multiple White supremacists. He suffered multiple lacerations and was transported to a local hospital. The March happened on Saturday, drawing swift condemnation from Democratic and Republican elected officials in the state. On Saturday, a candidate running for state Attorney General called the men wearing masks “cowards” for their actions and concealing their identities. The White supremacists who overtook the streets on Independence weekend were a sort of the same White supremacy group that tried to disrupt an LGBT pride event in Idaho last month. More about the racist, hat...
News Briefs

Louisville mayor apologizes for city’s history of systemic racism

The mayor of Louisville, Kentucky made a bold move this week by issuing a public apology to Black residents for the city’s history of engaging in practices of systemic racism. Mayor Greg Fischer’s apology came during a Juneteenth luncheon organized by the Metro Human Relations Commission on Wednesday. He said he pledges to continue to fight systemic racism for the rest of his term as mayor of Louisville. The mayor is currently serving his third and final term which ends this year. Fischer has been criticized for his handling of the Breonna Taylor case. Taylor, an ER technician, was killed in her apartment in March 2020 by plain-clothed police officers. During the luncheon, he said the police chief will have more more dialogue with the community about the history of abuses Black Americ...