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Lawsuit: Black girl endured racist bullying at NJ school for two years

A lawsuit alleges a student at a New Jersey school endured two years of racist bullying and the school district failed to intervene. According to the lawsuit filed just over a week ago, the girl, who is Black, was targeted with racial slurs and bullied because of her appearance, including her hair. The bullying began when the girl started attending a middle school in 2018. The lawsuit lists many demeaning and racist names students called the girl. She was even allegedly subjected to racist bullying in an online chat students invited her to with the sole intention of making fun of the girl. The lawsuit also alleges the mother and daughter were retaliated against by school officials. The girl also reported the issues to a school counselor who reportedly dismissed the bullying as juveni...
News Briefs

Mom sues Tennessee school district over White students’ racist bullying and harassment of son

A mother is suing a school district in Tennessee after her son was reportedly harassed and bullied with racist slurs and attacks from White students. The mother reportedly said her son, who is Black, was subjected to being called the n-word and a monkey while attending a middle school in Hawkins County. The boy was even chased by students holding a stuffed toy monkey which the students posted on Snapchat. In another instance of bullying at the school, the mom said the boy was also slapped by a White student who continuously followed the boy on campus and harassed him. The mother reportedly said the principal sent the White student home without question  after the incident but questioned the victim about what she assumed was his role in provoking the attack. The boy’s mother bro...