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News Briefs — Africa

State funeral held for 21 South Africans who died in nightclub

A state funeral was held in South Africa for 21  people, all under 18 years of age, who mysteriously died at a bar late last month. The funeral was held Wednesday in the coastal town of East London. South African President Cyril Ramaphosa was one of the hundreds of people who attended, including family, friends and people from the local community. The cause of death is still under investigation but last week sources reportedly said authorities suspect the victims died of some type of gas poisoning. Some of the victims reportedly collapsed  while dancing and others lost consciousness mid conversation with people at the bar. Most of the victims were 17 years old and younger. The youngest victim was a 13-year-old boy. The legal age for drinking alcohol in South Africa is 18. A criminal i...
News Briefs — Africa

Gas poisoning suspected in deaths of 21 people at South Africa nightclub

Officials announced Wednesday that an autopsy had been performed on most of the victims who mysteriously collapsed and died at a South Africa nightclub early Sunday morning. One source reportedly said results of the autopsy were still pending but the recovered bodies had a strong odor, and gas poisoning was suspected. It’s still unclear what type of gas poisoning the victims may have inhaled or ingested. Officials originally said 22 people were killed. The number of people who died was later clarified as 21. The victims were mostly under the age of 18. One of the victims was as young as 13 years old. It’s not known when officials will have a definitive answer about what type of poisoning killed the victims. What led to the poisoning is also still under investigation. Some bars and...
News Briefs — Africa

22 people found dead in South Africa nightclub

Authorities have reported that 22 people were found dead early Sunday morning at a nightclub in South Africa. The mysterious deaths have created an uproar in East London where the young people died. The victims reportedly died after collapsing while dancing, and some mid conversations. The deaths were initially reported as possibly related to a stampede, but this was incorrect as the victims had no visible signs of injuries. Officials have said toxicology tests will be performed to determine the causes of death. Many celebrations were reported in cities and rural areas of South Africa because of graduations. It is believed many of the victims were under 18. Bars and taverns in parts of South Africa are known to sometimes evade licensing requirements or restrict underage patrons....