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Walmart apologizes for selling “Juneteenth ice cream,” pulls products from shelves

What does overdue freedom taste like? If you ask Walmart, the answer is probably its short-lived “Juneteenth ice cream,” which has reportedly been pulled from shelves this past week. Photos shared on social media showed a container adorned in red, yellow and green (a not-so-subtle nod to Africa) with a message on the label that said: “Share and celebrate African-American culture, emancipation and enduring hope” with a group of colorful hands joyously raised on the bottom of the container. The special edition ice cream was available in two flavors. Apparently, customers perusing the aisles were appalled to stumble upon the new ice cream and shared their disgust with the company, leading to Walmart issuing an apology in a statement. How the bad idea materialized into pints of ...