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News Briefs — Africa

Four Chinese nationals among several people kidnapped at gunpoint in Nigeria

Four Chinese nationals were among several workers at a mining site in central Nigeria who were reportedly kidnapped by several gunman on Wednesday. Nigerian officials said security officers responded to the mining site after receiving a distress call. The area was invaded by multiple gunmen. It was unclear how many people in total were kidnapped on Wednesday. Officials have not identified who was behind the kidnapping and no terrorist groups have yet claimed responsibility for the attack. Violent acts of terrorism, including kidnappings, have been more common in northwestern Nigeria but have occurred more frequently in other areas. Earlier this month gunmen opened fire on worshippers during mass at a Catholic Church in the Ondo state located in southeast Nigeria. Three Chinese natio...
News Briefs — Africa

After international outrage, Chinese man wanted for racist videos of children in Malawi arrested

Well, that didn’t go so well. The man accused of filming Black children in Malawi making racist and demeaning statements about themselves was arrested in Zambia, officials announced today. The Chinese national accused of coercing and abusing the children to say horrific things about themselves speaking in Chinese had reportedly been on the run since an investigation picked up steam last week. The videos were reportedly produced and sold to Chinese nationals on social media. The videos drew international outrage and forced Chinese diplomats into damage control, issuing a statement last week saying China condemns racism. They also announced a tuition-free Master’s degree program was being offered for Malawian citizens who want to study in China. Backlash was swift in Malawi when ...
News Briefs — Africa

China condemns racism after videos surface of man using Black children in Malawi to make demeaning statements

A top diplomat in China issued an apology on Thursday and condemned racism following international outcry over videos of a Chinese man in Malawi using Black children to make demeaning and racists statements about themselves. The diplomat said China has “zero tolerance” for racism adding that the incident is the actions of one “fool,” and does not represent the people of China as a whole. Republican U.S. Senator Marco Rubio also condemned the videos calling them “disgusting and inhumane.” BNN reported earlier this week on the man who was identified on video as the person responsible for producing racist videos in Malawi that were sold to Chinese nationals. The man is accused of coercing the children by paying them change — and sometimes using physical violence — to make statements such a...
News Briefs — Africa

Chinese man in Malawi dupes Black children into saying they are “monsters” and their “IQ is low” on video

A Chinese man living in Malawi reportedly decided to use the Black children by having them gleefully chant on video that the children are monsters and have a low IQ, and other disgustingly racist statements in Chinese. The videos were reportedly sold to Chinese nationals. The man is also accused of physically abusing children to get them to comply. In some cases he is accused of giving them change to make demeaning statements about themselves. The man also had assistance in producing some of the videos. He reportedly told a fellow Chinese man who helped him that this was the way Africans should be treated. Some of the videos came to surface in 2020, but the man recently admitted to taking the videos before backing away from his admission. More about this “man” and his racist...