Support for Herschel Walker amid latest controversies proves GOP hypocrisy has no limits

“Herschel Walker” by Thomson20192 is marked with CC0 1.0
“Herschel Walker” by Thomson20192 is marked with CC0 1.0.

Someone, please throw America a life raft.

Just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse for Georgia’s contentious senate seat than a candidate like Herschel Walker, the man at the center of yet another controversy proved we haven’t seen the worst yet.

I’m surprised I’m back so soon writing  about Walker, but perhaps I shouldn’t be. By now, you’re probably familiar with the latest allegations that the “Christian” values candidate who is campaigning as completely against abortion, has himself paid for an ex-girlfriend to get an abortion. The nature of the woman’s relationship to Walker wasn’t known before Walker went on Fox News (also known as Faux News) and said he didn’t know who the woman was that made the allegations, and tried to pivot to a poorly-crafted talking point blaming Democrats. Big mistake.

We knew Walker was low on the social totem pole, not mention the evolutionary one, but this latest error took himself and Republicans to a new low.

Walker’s “conservative” son Christian, who makes even the worst Karen’s look reasonable, suddenly took exception to Walker’s lies on Fox News last week and decided to spill the tea — and spin the truth about himself while he was at it. Christian sent tweets and shared a video where he painted his dad as absentee during his upbringing and saddled with issues, prompting him and his mother to move multiple times. Apparently, this wasn’t enough to stop Christian from stumping for his father throughout the year — a man who would put Georgia and the rest of the United States at risk.

Who knows what the entire truth is — neither father nor son need cable news or Twitter to communicate, so there may be more to the story behind their recent rift. But the stories we already knew about Herschel was plenty dismal. Let alone more recent news Walker allegedly tried to convince the same woman who had an abortion to abort another baby. Yet, Republicans such as Rick Scott and Ted Cruz are pledging to support Herschel no matter what. Not exactly two men known for staking the moral high ground, but a dangerous position for the Republican Party, and America for that matter.

The level of hypocrisy in the GOP’s support of Herschel Walker is running neck and neck with Donald Trump with the “grab ‘em by the pussy” hot mic moment, Stormy Daniels affair, and numerous allegations involving other women. The Republican Party believes it has insulated itself in lies about being the party of family values. The only concern for the party is power — throwing another number up on the board, and their constituents don’t care. A win is a win.

I’ve said before, the race between Herschel Walker and Sen. Raphael Warnock is closer than it should be. Even as Walker remains embroiled in scandals and controversies, Warnock has showcased his ability to lead with dignity by not trying to capitalize on Walker’s misfortunes.

But I’m calling it now: I don’t believe Walker will win. I certainly look forward to seeing how divided the votes were when polls close after next month’s elections.

However, Walker is only one issue; The Republican Party needs to clean house. Gov. Kemp has kept his distance from Walker in this upcoming race, falling short of campaigning for him but Republicans who think they have something to lose — or have greater political ambitions and don’t want to risk their MAGA support — are all in. Their proximity to Walker is another blemish on their characters, which doesn’t matter to their base, but it will to independent voters.

I don’t believe Republicans have lost enough elections to bring them to a reflection point, so I won’t hold my breath. Walker’s impending doom (fingers crossed) may not be the turning point either. But America is gasping for air, and I can’t help but wonder how much further Republicans have to sink before we are rescued. If Walker somehow manages to eek out an ungodly win, there will be no SOS for American politics.