Republican lawmaker tells Trump rally Roe v. Wade ruling a “victory for White life”

A Republican lawmaker put her racism on display Saturday at a Trump rally in Illinois by telling the crowd the SCOTUS reversal of Roe v. Wade was “a victory for White life.”

With former President Trump in tow, the Congresswoman, who is up for re-election, thanked the crowd for their support in the undoing of the 50-year-old federal protection of abortion rights before making the racist comment.

She applauded herself the crowd to the cheers of the audience after making the statement.

Her spokesperson tried to walk the statement back later by saying the congresswoman misspoke and intended to say “right to life.”

She has also made hair-raising comments last year, quoting Hitler. She said, “‘Hitler was right on one thing. He said, ‘Whoever has the youth has the future.’”

And Trump, of course, being the modest fellow he is, took credit for the Roe v. Wade reversal after taking the podium.

More about the speech can be found here.

Opinion: The only mistake was her election. If her racist comment was an error, she should have corrected herself instead of following up with applauding to the crowd. Her comments are a reflection of how she and her base feels: White people are the priority. Her comments parroting Hitler is also a reminder of what their agenda is: create a new generation of racists. The statement could also be her way of getting media attention — being a racist politician never fails. Whether Trump helps or hurts her efforts remains to be seen, but she has made it clear she is dangerous to have re-elected.

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