Racist memorabilia store reopens in Georgia

The American insurrectionists’ wet dream has come back to life: a store dedicated to selling racist memorabilia has reopened in Georgia.

The controversial store was temporarily closed for several months. The previous owner died and now the new owner has reopened the store to the chagrin of many people in the community.

Maybe trying to capitalize on the resurgence of American hate?

The store has an array of throwback items. Among them are confederate flags, Jim Crow-era relics and “nig*** repellent.”

On display are mannequins with KKK robes and confederate soldiers. One of the most disgusting pieces on display is a Black child’s hair with a sign that says “Nig*** scalp.”

The city council has apparently granted the business a new license, clearing way for it to reopen this month. One council member reportedly quit over the approval.

No word yet on the next half-off sale on ropes, white linens and tiki torches.

More about this Bigot Depot can be found here.

Opinion: It should go without saying this store shouldn’t exist, but the vendors who supply merchandise that can even be sold should be sought after. Shame on the state of Georgia and the city council for allowing it.

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