Monday, February 6“Racism never sleeps.”

NY teacher allegedly told Black 7th graders to pick cotton, wear shackles

A White teacher at a Rochester, New York school is reportedly on leave after he allegedly told Black students to pick cotton during a class lesson on slavery.

The allegations were reported by 7th grade students at Rochester’s School of Arts.

Students said he also told them to refer to him as “massah.”

The teacher was placed on leave after parents complained to the school about what their children reported.

In another lesson, the teacher also allegedly had Black students wear shackles in his social studies class.

According to New York school enrollment data, half of the students at Rochester’s School of the Arts are Black.

School officials said they plan to conduct an investigation.

You can find more details on the reprehensible allegations here.

QOTD: Where is the administration and faculty to match the racial diversity of the student body? Rochester, like many cities, has seen an uptick in alarming racial incidents. Hopefully the parents demand real changes to ensure Black children can learn in a comfortable, and culturally competent place… and literally not be treated like slaves.