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New research indicates Black women with breast cancer have significantly higher mortality rates than other women

Newly-released research indicates Black women diagnosed with breast cancer have a significantly higher mortality rate than White women, and it’s a trend that has grown since the 1980s.

The research was released last week and conducted by American Cancer Society and The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio.

The research showed that since the 80s, breast cancer screenings and treatments were broadly performed in the U.S., but not equally for Black and White women.

Prior to 1980, Black women diagnosed with breast cancer had lower rates of mortality than White women, according to the research.

The higher rate of breast cancer mortality in Black women compared to White women has moved in the opposite direction since before 1980.

Researchers also discovered that the mortality rate for Black women was 19% higher for hormone receptor–positive breast cancer types compared to non-Hispanic White women, even though Black women had a 22% lower incidence rate. The research also indicated Black women have a 123% higher mortality rate for hormone receptor–negative breast cancer compared to non-Hispanic White women, although Black women had a 65% higher incidence rate.

More about the research can be found here.

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