Michigan Governor tells Black pastors racism, anti-semitism on the rise

During a meeting with a group of Black pastors Tuesday in Detroit, Governor Gretchen Whitmer warned the religious leaders that racism and anti-semitism are on the rise in Michigan and throughout the country.

Whitmer visited a church to encourage voter participation and discuss concerns for the Michigan community in a question and answer session. Whitmer, who is up for re-election, noted that in addition to losing Roe v. Wade, more harm could be done if Democratic voters don’t turn out for the midterm elections.

She also said misogyny is also an issue on the rise and that democracy is being threatened by opponents on the right.

The governor said low-income women  and women of color will feel the impact of  Roe v. Wade after it was overturned by the Supreme Court last week.

Whitmer also accused Republicans of recruiting people to undermine Black and Latino voters at the polls. Republicans have said their intentions are to ensure votes are fairly and properly recorded.

More about Gov. Whitmer’s meeting with pastors can be found here.

Opinion: None of the governor’s comments should come as a shock. The question now is how will pastors use their influence to encourage their fellowships to show up at the polls in November — and how much are they in accord with Whitmer? Michigan is a battleground state with a strong population of Black voters. Democrats need Black Michigan voters and so will she.

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