Maryland teen under investigation for threatening to shoot Black people

A White teen in Maryland is under investigation after he reportedly made threats to shoot Black people in a video posted on social media showing him brandish a scoped rifle.

The incident reportedly happened earlier this week. The 15-year-old boy was reportedly pulled from his high school while authorities continue their investigation. Authorities also took a pellet rifle from his possession which appeared to be the weapon shown in the social media post.

The community is outraged that not only did the teen make the disgusting threats using strong, racist language, he was not arrested.

The teen’s mother is on the board of education and released a statement.

The teen has not been identified because of his age.

It is unclear why the teen was not arrested.

More about the horrific and disgusting allegations can be found here.

Opinion: Parents have to step up and do a better job of instilling morals. After reviewing the statement the mother released, who is up for re-election, it doesn’t sound like she is as sickened by his threats as she should be. As noted before, this is an alarming trend that has no end in sight. The lessons from Buffalo Massacre, as with mass shootings that have taken Black lives before, have not been learned. Leadership on both sides of the aisle need to work to undo the brainwashing that has molded White youth (and adults) into viewing Black people as a threat. The work to reverse the ideology that contributes to this destructive and inhumane behavior has been virtually nonexistent on the right. No one should have to die to convince White America the real threat to Black lives is the one they are creating and continue to enable.

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