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Informant allegedly raped twice by suspected drug dealer in Louisiana while cops left her unmonitored

Anthony D. Jones (Source: Rapides Parish Sheriff's Office)
Anthony D. Jones (Source: Rapides Parish Sheriff’s Office)

A woman working as an informant for law enforcement in Louisiana was reportedly raped twice by a known drug dealer during a sting operation while deputies left her unmonitored.

The incident happened in January of last year in Alexandria. The woman went to a dilapidated drug house to buy meth from a drug dealer known on the streets as “Mississippi” while she was outfitted with a tiny microphone and hidden camera. The authorities supervising the sting left her alone with the man — with devices incapable of monitoring the encounter in real time, reported the Associated Press.

The dealer, who reportedly has a rap sheet spanning decades, forced the woman to perform oral sex on him and threatened to put her “in the hospital” during the ordeal as she whimpered and cried.

At one point during ordeal, the suspect conducted a drug deal with someone who entered the house.

A local official who spoke to the AP under condition of anonymity reportedly said, “It was one of the worst depictions of sexual abuse I have ever seen.”

Records indicate after the informant left the area on her own, deputies went to the house she left and arrested 48-year-old Antonio D. Jones on multiple charges, including second-degree rape, false imprisonment and distribution of meth. Deputies only recovered 5 grams of meth in the sting, reported the AP.

The ranking officer in the operation said deputies assumed the woman “must be OK” because someone else entered the home after her, reported the AP.

More about the ongoing investigation can be found here.