Monday, February 6“Racism never sleeps.”

Community outraged by racist display at Nevada mall

A community in Henderson, Nevada expressed outrage and condemned a train display that depicts two White men preparing to hang a Black man.

A group of activists spoke out today in protest of the display, which was put up over the 4th of July weekend.

The display was reportedly taken down four days after it went public following complaints.

The train display depicts two White men preparing to hang a Black man who has a noose placed around his neck as a White woman points at the event unfolding.

Today, the governor of Nevada took to Twitter and said “Racism has no home here in Nevada. This is completely unacceptable and our community deserves answers.”

More about the racist display can be found here.

Opinion: How these overt symbols of racism even get into development and go over the radar are beyond comprehension. The activists want answers but this mall deserves to be boycotted.