Monday, February 6“Racism never sleeps.”

California task force releases historic reparations study

A first-of-it’s-kind panel in California tasked with exploring the persistent effects of discrimination and exclusion of African Americans, released a detailed report on the impact of slavery and the disenfranchisement of African Americans. The report details “comprehensive” ways systemic racism has stifled the progress of Blacks, specifically African Americans, and how that can be addressed.

The California Reparations Task Force, a commission created through a law signed by California Gov. Gavin Newson in 2020, submitted an interim report to the state legislature on Monday detailing the adverse affects of slavery, racism and discrimination that have negatively impacted African Americans.

The commission voted to limit reparations to African Americans — descendants of slaves in the U.S., not all Black Americans.

Advocates view the 500+ page report as a potential model for a federal response to reparations for African Americans.

The report provides suggestions, however, does not offer detailed proposals for reparations.

A final report from the task force is expected be issued by July 1, 2023.

The full interim report can be read here.

Opinion: Reparations is a divisive topic that many White Americans, frankly hate. The commission behind the research in California has provided a vast amount of information that makes a good case that could be replicated on the federal level. Hopefully, this doesn’t turn into a can that continues to get kicked down the road. Reparations for African Americans are extremely overdue.