Monday, February 6“Racism never sleeps.”

British police officers shared racially abusive messages about Duchess Meghan, called Black child “monkey”

A trio of police officers in East London, England are accused of sharing racially abusive messages, including texts targeting Duchess Meghan and a Black child they called a “monkey.”

The officers reportedly shared the messages on the WhatsApp platform and didn’t stop at racial abuse. They are accused of also mocking disabled people, disparaging Islamics, as well as sharing homophobic and sexist messages.

The messages reportedly date back to 2018 in a WhatsApp group that has since closed.

One of the accused officers has reportedly been removed from the department. They have all been charged with gross misconduct, which they deny.

All of the accused officers are subject to termination if the allegations are found to be true.

More about the allegations of gross misconduct and racial abuse can be found here.

Opinion: Earlier this week Prince William acknowledged racism in Britain during his speech on Windrush Day. These officers are just a tiny example of how pervasive racism is in the UK, and resembles what happens in the U.S. However, British officials seem to act more swiftly and aggressively when it comes to allegations of racism by police officers, something U.S. law enforcement should take note of.