Thursday, October 6“Racism never sleeps.”

Black mother outraged after son given “Monkey Award” in preschool

An elementary school teacher in Mississippi is under scrutiny after reportedly giving a Black preschool student a “Monkey Award,” which angered the boy’s mother.

The mother learned about the award after her son brought it home along with his other awards. She was upset when she saw the award her son was given by his teacher.

The mother met with school officials who told her the boy’s teacher was not aware that comparing Black people and monkeys was racially insensitive when the award was given.

The school’s principal told the mother that staff members had met before the ceremony and cautioned them be sensitive with handing out the awards.

The district called the situation involving the young boy unacceptable.

More about the incident and school can be found here.

Opinion: It’s hard to give an adult, especially a teacher, the benefit of the doubt here. It seems reasonable to expect a credentialed teacher be aware of the history of demeaning comparisons people have made with Blacks and primates in the U.S. If the teacher is not disciplined by administrators then this can’t  a teachable moment.

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