Black history is so powerful Republicans want to bury it

(Source: Unsplash/Library of Congress)
(Source: Unsplash/Library of Congress)

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the course of the MAGA-fueled years of Republican extremism that has become the center of the GOP, it’s that Republicans have a voracious appetite for self-induced drama — especially at the expense of Black America. In the latest effort to shield children from any education out of the mainstream, Gov. Ron DeSantis recent political stunt has managed to catapult DeSantis further into the 2024 presidential foray on the backs of African-American heroes with his proposed ban of Advanced Placement African-American Studies.

DeSantis has deemed much of the content in the AP African American Studies course as divisive and pushing an “ideology” that doesn’t reflect American values. It’s interesting these accusations are aimed at Black history, not European history, which hasn’t reached the firestorm of criticism (or hypocrisy) of DeSantis’ mission to eradicate Black history from Florida schools after the GOP-CRT propaganda has been debunked countless times.

I’m not shocked by DeSantis’ latest act of callousness, he’s been a dog whistling racist since he began jockeying for Florida’s governorship. His manufactured “voter fraud” conspiracy late last year engulfed mostly Black Floridians who arrested because of a change in state law many of them weren’t aware of.

We have yet to see the true depths to which DeSantis will suppress and sacrifice Black people. But the antics have to stop before we even give DeSantis the chance to get there. Looking ahead, I realize DeSantis is the would-be nominee who will be coronated for the party come 2024. We will probably have to endure the DeSantis’s garbage, racially-charged policies and re-imagining of U.S. slavery at least a bit longer. If he clinches the nomination, he will become a fixture for the foreseeable future. Black America doesn’t need a future of authoritarian-style dictatorship.

DeSantis attack on AP African American Studies didn’t come during the second half of January by accident. Black History month is upon us, and DeSantis wanted to make his mark. No worries DeSantis, we see where this trail is headed, but Pennsylvania Avenue is not it.

DeSantis is emboldened by a party that refuses to address racism or racist policies. If anything, they play to a loyal audience of racist Whites because Black Americans are weaponized. We don’t need Black History to tell us this, U.S. History is good enough if we’re really being honest, DeSantis.

Martin Luther King, Jr.
Martin Luther King, Jr.

It’s been said before, if people are trying to withhold the truth from you, there is probably something great they don’t want you to see. From my perspective, Black History Month fairly applies to this philosophy. We come from a legacy of admirable, extraordinary people who led by example and took their contributions to the civil rights I am afforded very seriously. I’m proud to be the product of a community that embodies unparalleled resilience. But there is still a lot of work to do, and a lot of teaching we have to do… we have to pick up the pieces and remember our history is not in the hands of any institutions. And if DeSantis truly believes attacking Black history will earn him a place as Donald Trump’s successor, he will learn the hard way that Florida isn’t America.

We will rise.

Happy Black History Month!