Thursday, October 6“Racism never sleeps.”

Black Africans punched, beaten at Tunisian airport after claims of racial discrimination

Tunisian authorities fight Black Africans at airport. (Source: Twitter)
Tunisian authorities fight Black Africans at airport. (Source: Twitter)

Claims of racial discrimination circulated on social media this weekend after a group of Black Africans were left waiting at an airport in Tunisia.

A video on social media shows Tunisian authorities pushing back a group and jumping a Black man who they punched and hit with batons when frustrations boiled over at the airport.

People on social media claimed an airline flight was overbooked and non-Blacks were given priority while Black Africans were made to wait.

The situation reportedly turned violent after people spoke up about the alleged mistreatment.

Some of the people waiting in the airport terminal had reportedly been there for at least more than one day.

More about the claims of discrimination can be found here.

Opinion: It’s horrendous to witness so many men gang up on the one Black African and treat him indignantly. Many Black Africans have claimed racial discrimination in North African countries are nothing new, and the comments on social media give credence to these accusations.

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