$3 million settlement reached after Black man killed by deputies in North Carolina

The family of a Black man killed by deputies in North Carolina has reportedly agreed to a $3 million settlement.

The settlement was announced on Monday.

The man’s family filed a $30 million civil rights lawsuit last year after the unarmed man was shot in his car in April.

The man was killed by Pasquotank County sheriff’s deputies after they reportedly arrived at his home in Elizabeth City to serve drug-related warrants.

Deputies reportedly surrounded the man’s vehicle before it backed up and then moved forward. Several shots were fired at the vehicle, fatally wounding the man.

Last year, the D.A. said at a press conference that the man used his vehicle as a “deadly weapon,” which prompted deputies to use deadly force because they believed it was necessary. Attorneys representing the man’s family disagreed, reportedly saying the shooting was unjustified because he was trying to drive away, not toward the deputies, and did not pose a threat.

More information about the case and settlement can be found here.

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